Fit your entire party into one vehicle and hit the road in style in a charter bus from Viking Charters of America. With restrooms, air conditioning, reclining seats, DVD systems, and far more, we make even the longest journey enjoyable and effortless. Plus, our drivers are friendly, multi-lingual, and dedicated to professionalism at every turn. Enjoy a better bus experience — contact our charter team today. We provide both local and long-distance charter services, and we cater to all sorts of groups attending any number of events. Feel free to continue reading to learn more about our luxurious buses and our charter bus services.


Keep It Local or Go Long

From navigating your way through Kissimmee or Orlando to traversing through the states toward the Canadian border, we’ll take you wherever you want to go. Our buses are perfect for transporting large groups both near and far. Transport your youth sport’s team to the championship an hour away or plan a corporate retreat a few states away. Our mission is to make sure you travel in comfort, and arrive feeling your best. We also visit ports, airports, and gateway cities — you can count on us if you’re continuing to travel after you step foot off our bus, or if you need a pick up after the return journey.

Bus Amenities

Our buses are state of the art, with interiors that resemble a first-class cabin of an airliner. You’ll marvel in the comfort of your journey with our spacious, comfortable seats, plenty of legroom, and enough storage for all of the luggage and items that you need to haul. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy all of the following amenities when you book a charter bus with Viking Charters of America:

  • Restroom: Each bus has a restroom, making longer journeys convenient and comfortable. Restrooms are cleaned and fully stocked for every trip.

  • P/A System: Make announcements or pep up your passengers with our P/A system. We have both corded and cordless microphones, so you can relay messages to all passengers with ease.

  • Overhead Storage Racks: Like a modern airplane, our buses feature overhead storage racks, making it easy to keep belongings close at hand, while keeping them safely tucked away. Our overhead storage racks are easy to access, and they can handle as much luggage as an airplane. This space is perfect for stowing “carry-on” sized luggage.

  • Undercarriage Weather-Proofed Luggage Compartments: In addition to our overhead storage, each bus is outfitted with massive undercarriage compartments. The undercarriage storage spaces extend across the entire width of the bus, and each storage bay is several feet wide, providing room for large objects. Plus, this storage space is low to the ground, making loading and unloading gear, equipment, and other items as easy as possible.

  • Head Rests: Lean back on our cushy headrests to take a nap. Our ergonomic headrests feature side cradles, which help you to remain comfortable throughout the ride, if you choose to get some sleep.

  • DVD and CD Players: Our buses are outfitted with DVD and CD players so you can play movies, watch instructional videos, play music, you name it. There are multiple TV screens staggered throughout the bus, making it easy for all passengers to view a screen.

  • Oversized Picture Windows: You won’t just catch a glimpse of the landscape on a Viking Charters journey, you’ll have a front-row view the entire way. Our oversized picture windows provide unobstructed views, making any road trip scenic.

  • Individual Armrests: Don’t worry about elbow room. Chairs are outfitted with individual armrests to make your journey even more comfortable.

  • Passenger Sunshades: Want to take a snooze? Or simply escape the sun for a bit? Pull down the sunshades that line the windows at any time.

  • Reclining Seats: Like airline seats, our seats recline, so that passengers can truly travel in comfort. Our reclining seats are perfect for napping and long-distance journeys.

  • Individual Overhead Climate and Lighting Control: All seats have overhead lighting, providing each passenger with personalized control of their area. Read a book on a night trip, or shut off your light to take a doze.

  • Cup Holders: Each seat has a convenient cupholder, so passengers can store a drink without worrying about spills.

  • Magazine Racks: Each seat features a magazine rack, perfect for keeping a few items close at hand. Passengers can stow a book, magazines, or other items within arm’s reach.

  • Adjustable Foot Rests: Each seat has adjustable foot rests to help alleviate any discomfort by raising your feet. Of course, foot rests can be tucked away under the seat in front for spacious legroom.

  • 110 Volt Outlets: Passengers have access to standard outlets, making it possible to charge any device. From laptops to cellphones to gaming devices, you’ll have the power you need throughout your trip.

  • iPod Connection: Passengers have access to iPod and Apple device connections. Simply use a USB cord to hook up your device.

  • Wi-Fi: Our onboard wifi system is speedy and state-of-the-art. We use a commercial system designed to handle several devices at once, so all passengers can enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection.

  • VGA, USB, and HDMI Audio/Video Capable: Hook up any number of devices with our VGA, USB, and HDMI Audio/Video connections. You can even connect your laptop to our overhead screens for presentations, movies, et cetera.

  • Customizable Destination Sign: Make your bus easily identifiable with the customizable destination sign. You can also let guests know when the bus is leaving, or even have a message for passersby out there on the road. Customize the sign as you’d like, anytime.

  • GPS Tracking: Our buses are outfitted with GPS tracking, making travel smooth and free from wrong turns. We can also adjust our route with current traffic conditions, or add stops along the journey.

  • Seat Belts: All seats have seat belts, ensuring that passengers are safe throughout the entirety of the trip.

  • ADA Accessibility (available with advanced notice of 48 hours): Our buses can be outfitted with a lift platform for added accessibility. Please let us know if you require a lift platform for your trip.

  • Automatic Safety Braking: Our buses are outfitted with automatic safety braking, which identifies if a hazard is fast approaching. This is just one of many modern safety features of our buses.

  • Back-Up Camera: Drivers can navigate through some of the most difficult parking and driving conditions with the aid of the bus’ back-up camera. The back-up camera improves driving safety and our accessibility capabilities.

  • Engine Fire Suppression: Our buses are outfitted with an engine fire suppression safety feature, which is in place should the worst happen. You can rest assured that even an engine problem won’t prove to be a hazard.

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A Charter for Any Group or Event

  • Families: Our charter buses are big enough to fit families of almost any size. If you’re planning a family reunion, or an epic family trip, we’d be ecstatic to provide you with the smoothest form of transportation out there.
  • Groups: Friends, coworkers, you name it — if you have a group with a common destination in mind, we’ll ensure that you get there. We cater to groups of all sizes, so you can travel with dozens of your closest friends.
  • Weddings: Make wedding travel as easy and convenient as possible with our buses. We can provide shuttle services and would be happy to travel to and from hotels, the ceremony venue, and the reception venue. We’ll make sure that everyone stays safe on the big night!
  • Church Events: Attend a church outing, plan a volunteer trip, or have the whole congregation aboard to visit a convention. Our charter buses make travel easy, even for large groups.
  • Schools: Planning a school field trip for a weekend? Or maybe the dance team has made it to state finals. We can ensure that you travel comfortably, and your students are safe throughout the journey. Trust Viking Charters for your next school trip.
  • Sporting Events and Teams: Our charter buses are big enough for the whole team and a few fans. Plus we have ample storage space for all of the equipment you need. Whether you’re going to a national match, or your little league team is playing in their first game across town, you can call on Viking Charters to go the distance.
  • Corporations: Our buses are perfect for corporate events. Treat your employees to travel in style with all the amenities they could want. Take advantage of the wifi, outlets, screens, and P/A system to get work done (or for entertainment), on the way to your destination.
  • Conventions: Attending a convention as a group? Book Viking Charters for plenty of space, and make the most of your journey to your event.
  • Airport and Cruise Transfers: If you’re embarking on a plane ride or a cruise with a group, we can transfer all travelers and their luggage. Book a charter to make airport and cruise transfers as easy and effortless for all travelers as possible.
  • USA and Canada Travelers: As we mentioned, we go almost anywhere. Count on our chartered bus services to travel throughout the U.S., or if you’d like to visit our neighbors in Canada. Of course, we provide local travel here in Florida, as well.

Here to Serve You

At Viking Charters of America, we take pride in our ability to provide comfort, class, and easy travel to people from all over the world. We’ll help you plan your trip and even assist with your other travel reservations. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our buses are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to call now for the best availability!


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