Our COVID-19 Procedures

To further safeguard our passengers and employees during this time we are strengthening and reinforcing some cleaning practices. Here at Viking Charters of America, we are committed to the safety of our guests and staff and will continue to revisit and revise our practices as CDC and WHO guidelines are updated or changed.

Current Preparations

Prior to every trip, we will clean and disinfect each vehicle utilizing a documented checklist to ensure a consistently clean, sanitized, and safe vehicle.

While Traveling

Our professional drivers will maintain a clean and sanitized environment for our passengers while traveling. Throughout the day, during stops, and at the end of each day, the driver will clean and sanitize high-touch areas that are exposed to potential contamination. This includes cleaning and performing all of the following:

  • All handrails used for entering and exiting vehicle

  • The driver’s area

  • Overhead compartments

  • Audio/video equipment

  • Seat armrests and seat belts

  • Restroom door handles and exposed surfaces

  • Regular trash disposal

  • Replenishing passenger comfort supplies

Deep Cleaning

At regular planned intervals, vehicles will undergo enhanced deep cleaning and disinfecting procedures to supplement daily cleaning. Enhanced cleaning procedures include the use of specialty misting or fogging equipment to ensure the interior of the vehicle is sanitized.

Social Distancing

We encourage responsible dialogue to attain the correct level of comfort for your clients within the vehicle. Topics that should be discussed:

  • The wearing of face masks by passengers.

  • Seating arrangements and vehicle capacity.

  • At times CDC, Federal or local guidelines may already be established for specific types of transportation and geographic regions.

Take note, additional measures are being implemented, and others are still in discussion. This list will continue to evolve as new information is available. For inquiries regarding our COVID-19 procedures and policies, please feel free to reach out to us.